Legal stuff you need to know


Copyrights and meta data:


I take my work very seriously and even though I claim to be 'aiming for fun', there is one area in which I am totally serious and that is the ownership of my images.  


All of my images are copyrighted and have the meta data intact. There is a watermark that is invisible to the eye.

Please respect my work (and the work of all other artists and musicians too!)  We are here to serve you with our individual works.

Our works are our livelihood and we have trained and paid for the education and equipment we use to prepare ourselves for our mission of presenting you with our best.


Thank you.


Appointments, sessions and non-refundable deposits:


When you schedule your appointment to have pictures taken, there will be a non-refundable deposit which is due  at the time of booking. This will lock in your date and time. 

If circumstances require that you need to reschedule, I require a one week window from the date of the booking. This deposit will be deducted from your final balance upon payment of entire package. 


Thank you.


Editing and processing images:


Please note that once your images have been taken, there is normally a 2 to 3 hour window of my time spent editing & processing that follows every session. This is time well spent &

is necessary to bring you the very best image possible.  When deciding upon the package prices,

this time was factored in to the overall session price.


Non-discrimination policy :


Brands Photography and  'aim - shoot - love - life' does not discriminate.  

I am here to serve all people.  

I believe families are made up of all sorts of combinations  of  people  and  I  also  believe that  love is what makes a family  and gives  life  it's color and joy. An open heart can catch more happiness!  

Please know that you are welcome here and I will never discriminate against anyone regardless of race, color, religion, gender, (including gender identity) or disability.

Welcome home.


Thank you.


If you like an artist, author, photographer or musician, but can't afford to buy the art that they make, share your love for their work with other people.  Let everyone know about the work that you love and who made it. Tell people why they should be reading it, listening to it or looking at it. It really does make a difference. You have the power to help art and artists thrive.

                                                                 Thanks!      Barbara

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