My Story

Let me begin by saying I LOVE what I do.


There are only a few lucky people who find their passion and are, by some cosmic

good fortune, able to live it.  I am here as proof positive.


I have been wielding a camera since I was child.

My father was an avid photographer hobbiest. 

I, in turn, caught the 'shutter bug'. I can remember,

as a child, waiting for him to snap that perfect

shot up at the top of Pike's Peak. 

In the beginning, I must admit, I wasn't very good.

I regret that. If I could go back and retake some

of the pictures that I took of my children

as they were growing up, I would.


When I lost my job, I took new direction.


My camera became an extension of my right arm. I started to learn, to grow and I found wonder.

I found myself snapping pictures in the Mavs locker that a Napoleon Dynamite look alike??....did I fall down a rabbit hole???


Soon my images began to show up on the little screens at the Dallas World Aquarium and on their teacher's guide....Then on a magazine cover for the Toledo Zoo and then on the latest CD (Steal the Sky) by The Killdares. My images were used for fund raising at the Winspear. I was delighting in shooting bands and street performers, dogs and kids....awesome!


Living the dream, I forged ahead with a project in downtown Dallas, TX taking pictures and GIVING them all away

for three years, all the while improving my skills. To fill in, while I was learning, I took a job driving a delivery truck and continued doing what I called 'Aiming for Fun'.


In August 2016, I retired and 'Aiming for fun' finally became my reality!


Come dream with me!!! 

I'm here at your service......ready to save your precious memories.


welcome home!




This summer 2018...I became an Award winning Photographer when one of my images was chosen in the Through the Lens competition for a coffee table book being published to raise money for Dallas Arts District!

UPDATE: The coffee table book is due to come out soon. The release party is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 4th, 2019. There will be copies available for sale at the Arts District Venues and there will be a copy of the book in each guests room at the new Craig Hall Hotel in the Arts District! Monies from the sale will benefit the arts district. 











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    If your life is a message to the world. 

           Make sure it's an inspiring one.

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