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If there's ONE thing we've learned during these strange uncertain times, it's that life is fragile.

I know it was whizzing by for all of us before,  but now you can press pause, and make this the year you gather your treasures.

Many of us, with time to reflect,  are realizing the truth: that where our hearts lie, there we find our treasure also, and when we get on the other side of this, we will hold our joy in our hands. 

Too many times we have let things get lost in the whirlwind of life. Our children grow up and suddenly we are empty nesters. Savor this time. I highly recommend keeping a camera close at hand and snap your children while they play. Those are the images only YOU can capture...the quiet little moments and the surprising ones too.

To me, there is nothing better than a candid image of someone being their real true selves. That's what draws me time and time again to capture the band in action, the kids running in fountains, the family laughing together... It's a real joy for me to capture you and your family making memories!

Let me be the one to save your joy for you!


I am available, with your hands free, outdoor session, complete with social distancing *

Here's a bit of my history:

I have been with my camera in front of 100's of local bands over the last 15 years, and I keep a file on all of them. I work 2 Open Mics regularly.


I have been snapping the animals at Dallas World Aquarium for since 2005. My images have graced their teacher's guide and many of their info screens.

This past year I was featured in a book that was put together to raise money for the Dallas Arts District: 'Through the Lens'. It was a delight to collaborate with many other local photographers and see their take on the beautiful scenes around town.


I have had the good fortune to document many events and art projects around Dallas and have worked as a volunteer photographer for a few local events every year as part of my 'give back' project. I have met and befriended so many people along the way and I am richer for it....I count myself lucky to be among them.

My camera has become my ticket to worlds I never thought I would be a part of. 

Let me save your moments! My dream is to have a kid grow up and see themselves in one of my images and say, "That was EXACTLY ME."



$150 per hour includes all edited HI RES images delivered to your inbox

© Copyright Barbara Brands
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